Kenyan safari travel tips


Kenyan safari travel tips

You are really spoiled for choices when it comes to deciding upon what to see and do in Kenya. For how big the country is, it sure does pack a lot into it. With having mountains, deserts, tribes, coral reefs, beaches and some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife. There are a million and ten different reasons to come and visit Kenya.

For some the idea of choosing what to see and do on a Kenyan safari can be a very daunting task, as there are so many different options to choose from. To help you make the most out of your Kenyan safari, I have put together a few helpful tips to make sure you get your safari experience right first time.

Decide what the main focus of your trip should be, it can be changed dramatically by choosing to see either the big five or to go off exploring other wildlife. I would strongly recommend researching into the type of wildlife you want to see before hand to avoid disappointment.

Because the weather conditions can vary so much when you’re out on safari I would suggest trying to balance your packing and have a small selection of clothing to select from. You can easily pack too much for a safari trip, so I would take time to consider what items to pack and what items to leave behind. After all when you go on safari your there to take pictures of the animals and experience the Kenyan wildlife at first hand, not to be having four costume changes a day to look good in your holiday snaps.

Unless you have a lengthy holiday, please don’t try to see all of Kenya’s safari parks in one go. Take the time to really enjoy a few places in Kenya rather than sift through too many places.

This brings me onto my next point of considering the length of your safari. Things to take into consideration when choosing how long you wish to be out on your Kenyan safari can be how far into the wilderness and away from the traditional tourist spots you want to get.

A key aspect when you’re planning your Kenyan safari is what accommodation style you would like to stay in. For some the idea of staying in a tent for the entire trip would be an amazing prospect and a spectacular adventure. For others they may be wishing for a pleasant stay in a lodge where you can hear the Kenyan wildlife rustling from behind a locked door.

My last tip would be to get insurance before you embark on your Kenyan Safari, no matter how many precautions you take, things can just happen on Safari sometimes.

To plan the Kenyan safari trip of a lifetime contact one of the experts at Mahlatini today to start planning your Kenyan adventure.

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